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Business Practices is a suite of qualifications designed to enable students to develop practical business skills selected from a range of units according to their learning needs. This certificate is gained by studying specific units related to the Management discipline.

The course is suited to anyone working in or planning to work in a business environment and who wishes to gain a recognised qualification. Assessments are based upon practical implementation of business concepts in the workplace or for those not currently employed in business a case study assessment route is available.


Fully Accredited Course


Course Requirements


There are no previous skills or qualifications required to register for this course.




The certificate is gained by studying the following units

Core 1 Reviewing and Improving Business Practices
1 Principles and Practice of Managing
2 Principles and Practice of Employing People
3 Reviewing Staff Performance
4 Complying with Business Law and Regulation


Unit 1

Principles and Practice of Managing

Unit Content·

The role of a manager and the nature of what managers do

¬∑         A range of behavioural concepts including authority and responsibility, delegation, planning, leadership and motivation, objective setting, decision making, budgeting, productivity and monitoring, reviewing progress and developing staff

¬∑         A range of financial concepts including cash flow, budgeting, profit and loss, balance sheets

Unit 2

Principles and Practice of Employing People

Unit Content·

Employment law and in particular equal opportunities, health and safety, equal pay and dismissal

¬∑         Written statements, expressed and implied terms of contract

¬∑         Sources of good practice advice including DTI, IPD and ACAS

¬∑         Methods of compliance in recruitment, selection, employment, pay and dismissal

¬∑         The nature of grievance and disciplinary processes

Unit 3

Reviewing Staff Performance

Unit Content·

Business benefits of ensuring performance criteria are set and monitored

¬∑         The legal framework within which performance can be assessed

¬∑         The nature of employment contracts

¬∑         Good practice (as advocated by ACAS) in relation to target setting and performance appraisal

¬∑         Recommended procedures for dealing with disciplinary issues

¬∑         Permissible criteria for terminating employment or selecting for redundancy

¬∑         The role of Trade Unions, ACAS and Industrial Tribunals in resolving employment conflicts

Unit 4

Complying with Business Law and Regulation

Unit Content·

General legal and regulatory provisions and the obligations these place on businesses

¬∑         Business / company registration and statutory reporting requirements

¬∑         General and sector specific health and safety obligations

¬∑         Employment law including contracts, equality, pay and discipline

¬∑         Consumer rights

¬∑         Where to obtain help and advice on regulatory matters including DTI, ACAS, IPD, CBI, HSE,

¬∑         Trading Standards and Environmental Health

¬∑         Enforcement measures and the consequences of non-compliance


Core Unit 1

Reviewing and Improving Business Practices

Unit Content·

The importance of active, rather than passive learning

¬∑         Prioritising actions through impact assessment techniques

¬∑         Planning change and the importance of consultation, gaining commitment, pilot implementation, resource planning, setting timescales and milestones

¬∑         Monitoring change including obtaining feedback, measuring impact, quality assurance

¬∑         Planning future learning and development including sources of information and advice

What qualification is awarded upon completion?


This certificate is offered through ABC Awards and is approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for inclusion on the National Qualifications Framework from 1st October 2005.


How long will this course take to complete and do I have to complete within a certain time?


Students can register for this course at any time. Average completion time is approximately 150 hours overall. All students registered for this course have one year to complete from the date of registration


What is included in the price of my course?


Your study pack contains everything required to complete your course and no further purchases are necessary.


How is my Coursework assessed?


All assignments will be submitted to your personal tutor on a regular basis as you progress through your course. A report along with any relevant comments will be returned to you


What if I need to ask a question relating to my course?


All students registered for this course will be assigned a personal tutor whom they may contact during working hours. Details of who your tutor is and how to contact them will be in your study pack.


Will I be required to sit an exam?


This course is completed using continual assessment, allowing your tutor to closely monitor your progress. Therefore no examination is required.

Advantages of this distance learning course:
  • Home Study: you declare when you study, no need to attend class at fixed times and fixed dates. Your study hours fit around you!
  • We will post all the beautifully printed course materials to you. Everything is written in a clear and easy-to-understand format.
  • Start this course anytime of the year! No need to wait until the new academic year starts. Enroll today so soon you'll start improving your CV or re-skill for your new career.
  • Create your own study routine, learn at your own pace, complete your course as quickly or slowly as your circumstance dictate.
  • Your home learning is totally supported by experienced tutors who guide, encourage and assess your progress. You will not be alone because all our tutors are friendly and approachable.


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