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This course looks at the goals of your organisation and your department. How to achieving results with others and levels of autonomy and responsibility, also allocating tasks to people and giving feedback on performance. The importance of giving feedback and ways of giving feedback.


¬∑         Identify the overall goals of your organisation and your department

¬∑         Explain the importance of work objectives

¬∑         Determine levels of accountability and responsibility

¬∑         Allocate work effectively

¬∑         Summarise the value of giving staff feedback on their performance

¬∑         Distinguish different ways of giving feedback

¬∑         Define what is meant by counselling in the management context

¬∑         Set clear and appropriate limits to your counselling role, and know when to vary those limits

¬∑         List the factors that contribute to an effective code of conduct at work

¬∑         Evaluate your organisation‚Äôs code against these factors

¬∑         Use effective management skills to minimise breaches of discipline among members of your team

¬∑         Take appropriate ‚Äėfirst aid‚Äô action if a breach of discipline occurs or a grievance arises

¬∑         Explain the reasons for having appraisals

¬∑         Describe the features of an effective appraisal

¬∑         Prepare for an appraisal meeting


Course Requirements


This course is aimed at appointed team leaders or supervisors or anyone wanting to develop or update their skills within management.




This course is broken down into 17 units as follows. Assignments are laid out within your course folder and are submitted after each one.


¬∑         Negotiating Objectives

¬∑         What are the goals of your organisation?

¬∑         What are the goals of your department?

¬∑         Achieving Results with Others

¬∑         Levels of autonomy and responsibility

¬∑         Allocating tasks to people

¬∑         Giving Feedback on Performance

¬∑         The importance of giving feedback

¬∑         Ways of giving feedback

¬∑         Counselling Staff

¬∑         What do we mean by counselling?

¬∑         Your role as a counsellor

¬∑         Discipline and Grievances

¬∑         What is discipline?

¬∑         Disciplinary codes

¬∑         Carrying Out Appraisals

¬∑         Why have an appraisal system?


What qualification is awarded upon completion?


Every successful student will be awarded the Level 1 Certificate in Performance Skills.


How long will this course take to complete and do I have to complete within a certain time?


Students can register for this course at any time. Average completion time is approximately 30 hours overall, however you may take as long as you wish to complete. There is no time limit at all.


What is included in the price of my course?


¬∑         Official course enclosed in A4 folder.

¬∑         Blank CD for storing coursework.

¬∑         Plain A4 paper.

¬∑         Pen and pencil.

¬∑         Freepost Envelopes.

¬∑         Unlimited email support. (Mon - Fri).


This course comes enclosed in a study bag enabling you to transport your course anywhere you wish. Giving you total flexibility.


What if I need to ask a question relating to my course?


All students can email student support with any questions they may have from Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm. 


How is my Coursework assessed?


You will be required to submit your assignments via email or alternatively you can use the freepost envelopes supplied in your study pack. (Freepost available to UK students only). Once received it will be assessed by student support and a report issued on your progress with any relevant comments. Three grades can be achieved PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION. All assignments can be re-submitted for regrading if necessary.


Will I be required to sit an exam?


This course is completed using continual assessment allowing us to closely monitor your progress. Therefore no examination is required.

Advantages of this distance learning course:
  • Home Study: you declare when you study, no need to attend class at fixed times and fixed dates. Your study hours fit around you!
  • We will post all the beautifully printed course materials to you. Everything is written in a clear and easy-to-understand format.
  • Start this course anytime of the year! No need to wait until the new academic year starts. Enroll today so soon you'll start improving your CV or re-skill for your new career.
  • Create your own study routine, learn at your own pace, complete your course as quickly or slowly as your circumstance dictate.
  • Your home learning is totally supported by experienced tutors who guide, encourage and assess your progress. You will not be alone because all our tutors are friendly and approachable.


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Questions about this course? Contact Student Support / Course Advisors

Enrol by phone: call 0845 65 22 187 quote course code 56

Enrol by post: print this postal form.

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