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This course explains nutrition in an understandable, interesting and straightforward way. It is suitable for use on a variety of nutrition courses including those offered by VTCT, ION & TEC. It is also ideal for those studying a nutrition module on therapy-based courses such as the VTCT Holistic Diploma or NVQ 3 in Beauty Therapy. It is excellent reference material for health practitioners, holistic therapists or anyone with a general interest in nutrition.


Course Requirements


There are no previous skills or qualifications required to register for this course. Ideal for total beginners.




This course consists of three modules as follows. Covering 20 units in total. Assignments are completed after each unit.




Covers the basic theory for nutrition including macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals), herbal remedies and superfoods. It also covers diet, supplements, food labels, food myths and nutrition of specific groups of people, such as pregnant women.



1. Nutrients, anti-nutrients, enzymes and water
2. The Macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins and fats
3. Micronutrients - vitamins, minerals and trace minerals
4. Herbal remedies
5. Superfoods
6. The Balanced Diet, food energy values, contraindications & food myths
7. Food labels and conversion tables
8. Supplements
9. Nutrition for pregnancy & babies, athletes, the menopause & the elderly




Covers nutritional influences on body systems and explains over 100 everyday symptoms including fatigue, loss of concentration, aching joints, bloating, heartburn, PMS, endometriosis, arthritis, candid and insomnia. Symptoms are listed for each body system and an explanation of how diet affects each system is given. From the digestive system through to the urinary system, recommendations are given by way of supernutrients, herbal remedies, superfoods and lifestyle changes.



10. The Cardiovascular system
11. The Digestive system
12. The Endocrine system
13. The Lymphatic system and immunity
14. The Muscular system
15. The Nervous system
16. The Reproductive system
17. The Respiratory system
18. The Skeletal system
19. The Urinary and detoxification systems




Helps you to get started in the field of nutrition. It covers topics ranging from diet planning principles to calculating Body Mass Index




20. The Practical application of nutrition therapy

What qualification is awarded upon completion?


Every successful student will be awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition.


How long will this course take to complete and do I have to complete within a certain time?


Students can register for this course at any time. Average completion time is approximately 100 hours overall, however you may take as long as you wish to complete. There is no time limit at all.


What is included in the price of my course?


·         Official course manual.

·         A4 ring binder

·         Blank CD for storing coursework.

·         Plain A4 paper.

·         Pen and pencil.

·         Freepost Envelopes.

·         Unlimited email support (Monday to Friday)


This course comes enclosed in a study bag enabling you to transport your course anywhere you wish. Giving you total flexibility.


What if I need to ask a question relating to my course?


All students can email student support with any questions they may have from Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm.


How is my Coursework assessed?


You will be required to submit your assignments via email or alternatively you can use the freepost envelopes supplied in your study pack. (Freepost available to UK students only). Once received it will be assessed by student support and a report issued on your progress with any relevant comments. Three grades can be achieved PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION. All assignments can be re-submitted for regrading if necessary.


Will I be required to sit an exam?


This course is completed using continual assessment allowing us to closely monitor your progress. Therefore no examination is required.


What is the potential for earnings as a fully qualified therapist


Qualified Nutritionists are commanding on average in the region of £20.00 - £30.00 per hour !!. A great opportunity for a fantastic income!


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